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Im Confused.I feel backstabbed.

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Im Confused.I feel backstabbed.

Post by piijayboo29 on Sat Apr 24, 2010 7:33 pm

Isn't it hard when one of your closest friends hangs-out with a person that is considered as the worst person,and when you try to talk them out of it,it seems like your the bad guy?.Have you ever had that feeling [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]?A few months ago my bestfriend(Abi) and I got into a fight because I was mad she was hanging out with this Courtney girl who is a freakin' hooker.She's a two timing b*tch,who backstabs everyone,some people are twofaced and aparantly she ten faced.And like last march Abi and I made up.And on the last three days my school went to camp,Me and Abi were separated,But I was with my other bestfriend Pearl,Court and her bff was on the cabin beside us,and we had to share the bathroom,and aparantly when we sleeping on the first night court and her freakin' bff invaded our privacy they started to take pictures of me and my other 3 cabin mates when we were sleeping.Pearl saw the flash and she woke up and she saw court running as fast as she can.We told Abi about it,just last week she said she realized how much of a b*tch court was,and Abi had to be two faced because she wanted to actually find out if Court took pictures,and truns out court actually did,problem is Abi promised to tell her to delete our pics. but Abi can't do it,because she's scared.when court found out that we told on the teachers she started telling her other cabin mates that we blamed it on them,One of her cabin mates is Nicky aparantly shes the most honest person Ive ever known she handed me her camera and told me look through all the pictures on my cam. I can assure that i never freakin' took pictures of you guys,and when court and evita went to you cabin like 2:30 in the morning I dont know if you guys heard me but I told them to STFU because i couldnt sleep" and I believe Nicky cause I knew she was telling the truth.And I feel like I wanna tell Abi I told you so now that she found out about Court,But im afraid she might leave me and Pearl again.

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